Reclaiming Your Life after a Devastating Accident

Taking Legal Action When Money Is An Issue

by Stacy Dean

It's a tough situation to be in – hurt and knowing the other driver caused your wreck but wondering how to pay the legal expenses. You may not have to pay anything, however, to get the help you need – at least not to get the ball rolling. Most personal injury lawyers have ways of helping accident victims to get expert legal advice without having to pay upfront. Read on to find out more.

Based On The Facts of Your Case

Not all cases call for taking legal action. Most accident victims have little to no idea of what type of money damages they can expect from an accident. That is why most personal injury lawyers will speak to you free of charge about your case. During that meeting, you will show the lawyer what you have so far in evidence. That usually means a list of medical treatments you've already had and some idea of what you still expect for future medical needs. Any info you can provide to the lawyer will help them evaluate your case and advise you on how to proceed.

For example, the very first issue the attorney will review is fault. If you can show that the other driver caused the wreck, you probably are owed money damages. Fault can be shown by the police or accident report, by your own and other witlessness's statements, and by evidence from the accident scene. The second most important element of a personal injury case is your medical treatment costs. Scratches and bruises and feeling "shook up" is probably not going to merit much need to take legal action against the other driver.

Contingency Fee Agreements

Once the lawyer reviews your information, they'll have a good idea of the value of your case. That means how much they predict you might be paid in compensation. If the lawyer takes your case, they will probably agree to be paid using that compensation. You don't need to pay them anything now – they will be paid when you win your case. Winning your case means accepting a settlement or winning a court judgment against the other side.

You and the lawyer will agree on payment and other details and you will sign the representation agreement. The pay the attorney receives is based on a percentage of your winnings. If you win $75,000, for instance, and the agreement calls for the lawyer to be paid 33% of that, you will receive $50,250 and the lawyer is paid $24,750. Cases that go to trial may cost more. This percentage is only an example – different lawyers charge different percentages and the amount is usually negotiable.

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