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Liability For Shopping Mall Injuries

by Stacy Dean

If you are injured in a shopping mall accident, you deserve compensation from the responsible party. Here are some of the potentially liable parties.

The Store

In most malls, the developers rent out spaces to individual store owners. If you get hurt inside a store, the store owner is solely responsible for your injuries. For example, if you slipped and fell while shopping for sneakers, the owner of the sneaker store should compensate for your injuries. In some cases, store owners are also responsible for areas immediately outside their stores. If that is the case with the shopping mall where you got injured, then a store owner may also be labile for your injuries if you got injured outside but next to the store.

The Mall Owners

For injuries that occur in common areas, the mall owners should compensate for your injuries. Examples of such common areas include parking lots, hallways, washrooms, and escalators, among others. Thus, if you get attacked in the parking lot, get injured in a poorly-maintained washroom, or slip and fall in the hallway, it is the mall owners who should compensate your injuries.

Mall Visitors

There are also cases where other third parties or mall visitors may be liable for your injuries. Examples of mall visitors include other shoppers, contracted workers, sightseers, delivery personnel, and anybody else who doesn't own or have a store at the mall. If you are attacked by another shopper in the hallway, you have a valid claim against the shopper. Or maybe a delivery person in a hurry knocks you down in the parking lot; the delivery guy is liable for your injuries in such a case.


The building contractors, subcontractors, and designers may also be responsible for your injuries in some cases. Say a staircase wasn't properly installed, handrails are missing in some areas, or electrical wiring was poorly installed. The responsible party should pay for your injuries. This is more likely to be the case with new buildings rather than old buildings.

Product Manufacturers

Lastly, product manufacturers may also be liable for your injuries if defective products cause you injuries. For example, if a faulty escalator causes you to slip and fall or a defective elevator crushes your hand, then the manufacturers of the products should pay for your injuries.

As you can see, victims of shopping mall injuries have a long list of potentially liable parties. In many cases, more than one party ends up being responsible for the injuries. You need to target all the liable parties to maximize your chances of recovery. For more information, contact a company like Richard Glazer Law Office today.