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Vaping: Safe Or Hazardous?

by Stacy Dean

The debate about the merits of using a vaping device (or an e-cigarette) continues but there is no debating how popular vaping has become in recent years. Unfortunately, the nicotine question pales in comparison to the safety of these electronic smoking devices that take liquid and turn it into a vapor that is inhaled. The electronic working parts of a vape depend on a battery, and there are growing concerns about those battery's safety. Read on to learn more about how lithium batteries can cause serious harm to users of vaping devices.

Batteries in the news

If you are like most then you've likely heard media reports of batteries catching fire or exploding on laptops, phones and even toys. These fires and explosions caused by bad batteries have caused injuries, structure fires and even deaths. Vaping devices are just one of many different ways that consumers come into contact with lithium batteries.

The FDA weighs in

It is the nature of these e-cigarette devices that call for them to be held close to the body. Many users are either carrying them in their pockets, have them in hand or they are holding them close to their mouths. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reports that there have been 134 cases of incendiary incidences from e-cigarette devices in a time-span of about 7 years.

Causes and Remedies

While research is still ongoing into exactly how these fires are starting, there seems to be some consensus that lack of ventilation in the battery compartment area is at least partly to blame. When pressure and heat build up in the closed area it can cause a spark, leading to fires and even explosions. Other potential causes are:

1. Overheating caused by over-charging of the battery

2. Poor battery design

3. Using after-market chargers that are faulty or a poor fit for the battery

4. Using batteries that are damaged

With those issues in mind, stay safe by:

  • Keeping your battery away from items in your bag or pocket that may damage it
  • Inspect the battery regularly and discard one that looks unusual
  • Don't overcharge the battery; use a smart charger that stops charging activity automatically

Take action

Even if you pull out all the stops and are safe to a fault you might still have experienced the agony of a burn from a bad battery in one of your vaping devices. Speak to a personal injury attorney right away, such as at Clearfield & Associates; you are entitled to money damages for your pain and suffering, your lost wages, your medical bills and so much more.