Reclaiming Your Life after a Devastating Accident

3 Important Steps To Take After Suffering An On-The-Job Injury

by Stacy Dean

Job-related injuries can be frightening to deal with, especially if they're severe enough to put you out of work. If this has happened to you, you need to handle this accident with extreme care. Taking these steps can help you get through this ordeal correctly.

Report Your Injury Immediately 

If you're not in critical condition and thus don't need to be rushed to the ER, you need to report your injury. Find a manager or supervisor on duty who can document exactly what happened. They'll make notes of how the accident happened, where it occurred, and the date.

Having this injury report is paramount for showing that the accident did occur, which is needed when filing a worker's compensation claim. Be as detailed as you can during your report, so that there are no inconsistencies that would delay or prevent you from getting worker's compensation. 

Choose the Right Doctor 

When seeking medical treatment, it's important that you seek help from the right doctor. You don't just want to see a medical professional recommended by your employer or their insurance company. After all, the doctor may be biased and minimize your injuries for the sake of saving the insurance company money.

Instead, you need to find an independent doctor that you can trust. Make sure they're experienced with treating and reporting work-related injuries. This will ensure they document your medical exams and tests specifically for worker's compensation claims. You'll want to stay in touch with this doctor after the initial exam, as you may need them to testify on your behalf should the insurance company reject your injury claim.

Hire a Work Injury Attorney 

When your employer or their insurance company refutes your worker's compensation claim, you need legal representation fast. That's where a work injury attorney proves to be helpful. They'll work with the objecting party to ensure you receive compensation.

They can compile evidence showing the extent of your injuries and bring in professionals to support these claims, including doctors and other medical specialists. A work injury attorney can also help you receive compensation for a variety of damages, including mental anguish, lost wages, and medical bills. They'll make sure no party takes advantage of you during this sensitive time in your life as well.

Dealing with work-related injuries can be complicated, especially if you were not responsible for the injury taking place. Make sure you take the right medical and legal actions promptly, so that you can get compensation and ultimately move on with your life.