Reclaiming Your Life after a Devastating Accident

Proving Wage Loss In An Auto Accident Case: 3 Types Of Evidences Needed To Calculate Compensation For Total Wage Loss

by Stacy Dean

The aftermath of a car accident can be costly. Studies show that the average cost for each nonfatal disabling injury is around $61,600. This cost includes medical expenses, wage loss, and more. To recoup your losses, hire a personal injury attorney to help you file a case. To calculate the total amount of compensation that you deserve from wage loss, there are 3 types of evidences that you'll need.

Paystubs to Prove Stability of Income

The first type of evidence that your personal injury attorney will request from you is paystubs that can prove that you are indeed employed and that you have been employed for some time. The goal of the paystubs is to show that you were consistently receiving a certain amount of income before the accident occurred, and that your income stream has now been disrupted by your injuries. If you receive direct deposits, your bank statements are a good alternative.

Statements from Employers Stating Time Taken Off Work and How the Injury Has Affected Your Ability to Work

Depending on the extent and severity of your injuries, there's a good chance that you had to take time off work already. You can request compensation for wage loss in your personal injury claim, and the party responsible should pay you the income that you would have otherwise earned. Good supporting evidence to back up your claims is a statement from your employer that basically provides a detailed account of the amount of work that you had to miss. If the injury will affect your ability to work in the future, a statement from your employer detailing the type of responsibilities you have, as well as how your injuries have affected you ability to fulfill those responsibilities may also come in handy.

Testimony from an Economist to Discuss Potential Wage Loss

The aftermath of an accident can be long lasting. It can take you years to recover from a severe injury. If you sustained a permanent disability, you might never have the chance to further your career due to an inability to complete certain tasks. Here's where expert testimony from an economist might come in handy. Your personal injury attorney might recommend that you hire an economist to show how damaging the accident will be to your future. An economist can provide some insight as to the future potential of your career and the type of income that you were on track to earn.


A good chunk of the compensation that you will be awarded comes from your ability to work and how the injuries sustained have affected your career. Your personal injury attorney will want to emphasize these points so that you will be compensated fairly.