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What To Do If Your Dog Bites Someone While At The Park

by Stacy Dean

If you have a dog, and frequent a park with your pet, then it is important to know what to do should you run into a situation where your dog has bitten someone or another dog. Even if you always keep your dog on a leash and never let them run free, the time may come when they do bite someone. Perhaps another dog gets too close (and maybe that dog is off the leash) or maybe some stranger comes over and, without asking your permission, goes to pet your dog and your dog reacts quickly and bites them. These are all unforeseen issues that need to be taken into account because you don't have control over them. What you do have control over is how your respond. The following is some advice should you ever run into one of these situations.  

Don't Run Away With Your Dog: Stay On The Scene

The worst thing you can do is take your dog and leave the scene. Consider it akin to a hit-and-run driver. You will not help your case should the police get involved. Stay on the scene. Besides being a more mature reaction, you will also want to stick around to get information (the type of information will be discussed below).

The only caveat is if you and your dog are in physical danger. If your dog bit another dog, and the owner is know threatening you and your dog with violence, it is appropriate to leave the scene.

Get The Names and Contact Info Of Witnesses

It is very important to get the names of any witnesses.You will want to have their statements later should the person who suffered the bite try and sue you. So, try and get the names and telephone numbers of anyone who was present and might have witnessed the event.

Get A Copy Of The Police Report

When the police arrive on the scene, it is very important that you ask them to get a copy of the report. In the chaos of the situation the police might try and calm everyone down and, if necessary, direct people to an ambulance. But, you should be very specific that you want to have a paper trail of the event.

Contact A Lawyer Knowledgeable In Dog Bite Cases

Finally, it is wise to contact a lawyer who has experience dealing with dog bite cases. They will understand the process, including what sort of records you need to provide (vaccination documentation from your vet) and how to deal with any claims of injury. You should never just assume that all will be well if the other person or their dog was not seriously injured. They still might have filed a complaint, and in many cities there are strict laws about dogs who bite others in public. You don't want to risk your dog being seized by the government and potentially euthanized. A lawyer who handles dog bite cases will help you deal with any litigation and help keep your dog safe.