Reclaiming Your Life after a Devastating Accident

A Couple Of Concerns About Worker's Compensation Benefits

by Stacy Dean

Workplace accidents are an unfortunate aspect of life that can be unavoidable. When these incidents result in serious injuries, it can be possible to accumulate a sizable amount of medical debt, lost wages, and other damages. A worker who has been involved in this type of accident may be able to file for worker's compensation. For those that are considering filing this type of claim, there are some questions that you may need to have answered.

Can A Pre-Existing Condition Impact Your Worker's Compensation Claim?

While you may assume that you are entitled to your worker's compensation benefits, this is a type of insurance, and you may find that your claim is denied or handled unfairly. When you find yourself facing a denied claim or inadequate compensation and medical access, it can be possible to suffer serious stress and financial hardships, and your recovery may be impaired. In these situations, an attorney may be needed to ensure that your rights as an injured worker are protected.

There are a number of steps that your attorney will be able to take to help represent you. One of the first will be to negotiate with the insurance in an attempt to avoid court proceedings. If this fails, the attorney will need to thoroughly research the facts of your accident so they can build a convincing case. It can be a common practice for the full benefits to be denied, as the insurer may claim a pre-existing condition contributed to your condition. An attorney will be able to help contest this determination by questioning medical experts and other relevant professionals to document that this condition did not contribute to the workplace accident or injury.

Will You Be Able To Switch Attorneys?

It is an unfortunate fact that there may be instances where you decide that you are no longer comfortable with your attorney. When you find yourself facing this situation, you should appreciate the fact that you are able to switch attorneys. However, you will want to make sure that this is only used as a last resort. In addition to disrupting your case, there are some attorneys that may be hesitant about accepting you as a client after you have recently fired an attorney. This is due to the fact that the attorney will need to split part of their fee with the original attorney. For this reason, you should carefully review any attorney you are considering hiring and arrange for a consultation. This will help ensure that you are choosing a professional that can offer you experienced and personalized representation.

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